Hello! Im Zoe ^^ [ h sokolata ION einai paradisenia! ]
| currently have a little crush on HIM band because I fell in love deeply with someone special ^_^ <3
I'm a fan of many artists, bands, anime. can't name them or count them, thats why i post/reblog many different stuff almost all the time and it changes depending my mood and the moment-crush i will have :P.
feel free to ask me anything or just chat with me. Im VERY friendly. WANNA BUILD UP FRIEDSHIPS? :D

Other Blogs: Atussi and Culture-Love (they are sideblogs so I follow back from my -main tumblr- something-elegant-uinque)

PS: I don't own these pics/gifs etc. I mention the sources whenever I know them. If some of these are yours and you want me to delete it just let me know!!^_^

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